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Mila naked and wet in Boot Camp clip

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Proof that Mila Kunis knows she’s one of the sexiest little demonettes in Hollywood: Boot Camp. It’s a little known film starring Mila Kunis as a troubled teenager sent to a boot camp designed to brainwash and torture its captives.The movie seems pretty intense, at least, judging from the trailer I just saw before I started writing. What? I really don’t have time to digest a half-assed plot just to get to the part where Mila pops her boobs out. Yep, the sexy fox that is Mila Kunis is no stranger to letting her tits out for a breath of fresh air in front of a rolling camera. You have to credit the film for playing on Mila’s strengths as a sex kitten with the nude, albeit short scene she features in. We find Mila’s tits wet from the shower, as well as the actual groping and face-sucking she engages in, behind foggy glass doors and wobbly, intimately close shots by the camera.

The short fuck scene switches to a bed scene where we see Mila’s tits hanging off her, and while we don’t get blasted with a full titty sighting, the naked sideboobs are such a tease that I could jack of to that short scene. There’s this amazing option in your video players called ‘loop’, yeah? So instead of just yanking away at these static screencaps, let me lead you to Mila Kunis’ hot sex scene, and I’ll leave you to your devices.